<Hitoshina>Enju & Agate 7mm 108 bracelet

Enju(Japanese pagoda tree) is well known as a Japanese representative tree. In Japan, it is well known as an auspicious tree, and Enju has some oral traditions.

We made108 bead traditional Nenju-style bracelet. Our professional craft man assembles heigh quality beads into bracelets. In addition, agate looks your skin more beautiful when you wear.

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Product Story

Enju(Japanese pagoda tree) which has deep impression and beautiful grain has been grown in Japan, Taiwan and Korea since long time ago. It is said that this tree was brought from China. On the other hand, this tree is well known as a Japanese representative tree that has another name "Sephora japonica" meaning tree native to Japan.

This has strong durability. Therefore, it is treated as a traditional building decoration material, and it is also appreciated and used for carpenter's tool components. These flowers and seeds are used as medicines as well. Thus, Enju is definately so called "perfect tree".

In Japan, Enju is well known as an auspicious tree, and Enju has some oral traditions.

Firstly, Enju () is consisted with letters "(tree)" and "(evil)" in Japanese. So, there is a custom to decorate Enju on a front door in the entrance to avoid evil influence in Hida region, Gifu.

Secondly, Enju is known as a tree for "Safe delivery of a birth". Enju has another name "Koyasunoki" which has a meaning of safety delivery in Japanese. This name is came from Japanese myth in which Emperor Ojin was born safely by Empress Jingu praying to Enju with hopes. Consequently, Enju is considered as a charm of safe delivery.

Thirdly, Enju is also famous for "longevity". This is because the pronunciation of "Enjutree" is the same pronunciation of "longevity" in Japanese. According to those background, Enju is the most recommended Japanese tree.

Diameter of the beads about 7mm
Inside Circumference about 36cm / about 16~17cm (When wear in 4 layers) / about 21cm (wear in triple layers)
Materials for main beads Enju
Materials for attachments Agate
Other materials elastic polyurethane thread

-Actual colors may be different from ones in the photo.

-Nenju should not come into contact with water (due to the fact that the dye on the beads will rub off.)

-Please do not give nenju a strong shock.

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